This is a network for the friends of nature and the rural landscape. In Greece, traditional natural landscapes are diverse. They contain a large variety of plant species, herbaceous and woody, including cultural characteristics that man created during his long-term coexistence with nature. The main elements of these landscapes are the trees, which may be indigenous or cultivated, for timber or for fruits, and characterize the environment where humans live and activate.

This website serves as a forum for exchanging information and holding open discussions for subjects related with conservation and maintenance of traditional agroforestry systems as well as the creation of new ones in a sustainable natural environment.

About agroforestry systems

Agroforestry is defined as the deliberate combination of trees and crops and/or pasture at the same piece of land. The systems managed in this way are also named agroforestry systems. They are mixed systems with the main characteristic being the presence of trees. Learn more»


Collection of detailed information on Greek agroforestry systems and their future prospects for conservation and sustainable management. Following up European Union's regulations related with these systems. Learn more»

How can i participate?

Anybody interesting in agroforestry can become a member of the Network such as scientists, researchers, students, representatives of various agencies, non-governmental organizations and agricultural unions as well as farmers. Learn more»
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